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Need recommendations: your fav online parts stores

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by drivingpassion, Nov 10, 2019.

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    Hi Folks,

    Ever since Bertram Capital started gobbling up the top online parts stores (like ECS Tuning, Turner Motorsports and PelicanParts), it presented itself as a commotion to the BMW DIYer world. Except for PelicanParts, the customer service in the other two seemed to have deteriorated quite a bit.

    Could you share with us your fav online parts stores? I'm looking for stores that are:
    • reliable & honest
    • warehouse on the west coast
    • good customer service
    • competitive pricing
    • free shipping (perhaps, limited to orders above a certain USD$ amount)

    I know many of you love FCP Euro but they do not have a ware-house on the west coast so getting my orders fulfilled take, at least, 5 biz days to arrive unless I upgrade my shipping.
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    I was going to say FCP Euro but see that's out for you. Sorry, don't have anything better for the West Coast. I didn't realize Turner also got bought out. I knew BAV Auto had recently.

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