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Need recommendations/ suggestions for staggered Beyern Wheelsetup on 2005 Convertible 330ci w/Sport

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by convertiblegirl, Apr 1, 2014.

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    I have a 2005 330ci Convertible w/Sport Package and recently decided to upgrade my current staggered 17" stock BMW wheels and purchased a staggered set of Beyern 18" wheels. The front two wheels are 18x8,5 with an offset of 40mm and the rear two wheels with 18x9.5 with an offset of 45mm.

    After doing a lot of research online, I recently purchased four 18" Beyern wheels for my 2005 Convertible 330ci with Sport Package. I wanted to keep the staggered look so I bought two 18X8.5 wheels (offset 40mm) for the front and for the rear I bought two 18X9.5 wheels (offset 45mm) as I wanted to upgrade from the stock 17" to 18" wheels . I also bought new tires to go with my new wheels. In front I bought two 225/40ZR-18 Michelin Pilot Super Sport XL and for the rear I bought two 255/35ZR-18 Michelin Pilot Super Sport XL as per recommended by TireRack.

    My problem is this: The front wheels and tires fit fine according to the feedback I got from my BMW Installer however he regretfully informed me that for the rear, the wheels apparently looked like they were too big and were scraping the brake calipers. He tried putting spacers in to no avail as he stated that spacers made it a little better but that he still didn't feel very comfortable with this set up as there were still too many areas where the clearance was way to close. (is there a specific size I should be using?) I have visited multiple sites and there were lots of cars with my year/make/and model with similar setups using the above size Beyern wheels some using spacers and some not but all saying the installation was successful.

    Can anyone please help me with some advice or any suggestions as I am at a loss and frustrated at this point and am feeling like a dumb girl not knowing what to do..
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    Where/who did you source the wheels from? Offhand, I'd say call Turner Motorsports and/or Bimmerworld, which I think are two places that might have specific experience with spacers and specific wheel fitment issues like what you're experiencing. I'm guessing there's a way to make it work - it is really odd that larger diameter wheels aren't clearing the smaller rear brakes. Caliper clearance is typically a front-end fitment issue. I can't imagine your installers would have the front & rears mixed up though, although I guess stranger things have happened. However, it is entirely possible the combination of spoke & barrel design for whatever reason isn't crafted on that particular wheel such that you have the clearance you need - but, again, that is typically going to show up on the front.

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