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Need opinion...18" Style 5 wheels with tires.....how much for a set of 4?

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by pinkbird, Nov 25, 2021.

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    My trusted local shop called the other day with info from another customer who has a refurbished/rebuilt set (4) of 18" Style 5 (two piece) wheels for sale with Continental summer tires mounted. Guy asking $3K for all. Shop offered to mount the wheels on my 850i so I could check out the look and see how they drive. Style 5 wheels in 18" are scarce....I've only seen 17"s. Does $3K sound reasonable? Obviously there will be shop charges.
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    I'm not really familiar with the market for those, but a quick search shows ebay sellers for 17's alone at 2k+, so adding in tires, perhaps that's reasonable. Lookup wheels for your car on Tire Rack and compare specs for the same width/diameter wheels to see if what you're considering are an offset that will work fitment-wise. Also look at the DOT date code on the tires to see their manufacturing date (Tire Rack has article in their technical section, I think it's the last two digits of the year and the week of the year). If they're 6 years old or more the tires will have aged-out enough that you wouldn't want to put any faith in wet/slippery/cold grip performance regardless of appearance or tread depth.
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