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Need a good #36117847414 Orbit Grey wheel for less than the price of a small country.

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by 3hawks, Aug 19, 2019.

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    Cracked mine and leaking. BMW (local) want $528. What do you have?


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    Traffic here can be kinda thin - if no luck is forthcoming here, you can always post an ad in Roundel online classifieds (which also will go the the printed Mag, of course there's some lead-time delay on that). You could try a post to your local 'CCA chapter's facebook group or page & see if you have any luck. Can't hurt to try craigslist or FB marketplace, although something so specific is probably a challenge there. If you have any pick-n-pulls around, that can be worth a shot. The BMW-specific dismantlers are probably all on ebay, but that's an option.

    Ebay is always an option - this one has some pics showing the backsides of the spokes stamped with Orbit grey & Ferric Grey, so I wouldn't know if this is the color match you're looking for or not -


    This a whole set for less than two new from the dealer - looks silver to me - lip of one of 'em is chewed up, looks to have gotten pretty badly curbed - the other 3 appear better -

    They're calling this grey - looks silver to me compared to the grey one above -

    "Slightly bent" -

    Also bent... and, apparently, a gouge -

    Some others -




    A simple google search of BMW with the part number yielded this place, selling a set with tires, the lip of one is destroyed however - makes you wonder if it's just one from something like a bad pothole or what the chances are the others, or one you need, are straight, unbent, & undamaged.


    This would appear to be a new one for about $400 - but, looks can be deceiving, would be worth a conversation to confirm what they're selling.


    ECS - more than that one, but, less than the dealer. Fwiw, many dealers you can get a 'CCA member discount on parts, typically 10-15% off. One, maybe both, of my dealers here are 15% off on parts for club members.


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