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Need a 3 Series for <$4k

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by SJAE30PLZ, Mar 11, 2011.

    SJAE30PLZ guest

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    If anyone knows anyone who has a manual 3 series for sale in the Eastern-ish US at that depressingly low price.. please let me know. I am on the hunt for one, and I don't want to resort to craigslist or anything like that before I consult bimmer people first. Q- Is it even possible to find a good one for that much? haha let me know if you have any suggestions.. Thanks -s
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    It is but the wait to find one will be painful. You didn't mention what you are looking for. A E30, E36 or a E46? A E36 you probably can find one, but a E46 will be very hard and more then likely will need a new clutch. I had just bought one a few months ago for 4300 but the price was that low because it needed a clutch/flywheel and the rear shock mounts were blown out sitting on the lot. The clutch job rang in at 2400!

    If you are patient and can do a lot on your own then it could happen. At that price be very sure of what you are buying and will have to replace or repair.

    It is a real pity some guy decided to total my car for me...

    Did you check the classifieds on this site? You can also try your local chapters classifieds. Be patient and be careful. When you do find it share it with us!
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    John in VA

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    SJAE30PLZ guest

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    Thank you guys so much for your suggestions-
    An E46 would be ideal (but let's be rational- no way I can get a decent E46 for this price :p)
    An E30 is about shooting range- I hope it won't be too painstaking, I found two, both automatics :/ ehh
    I poked around local dealers (BMW Excluservice in Bethesda, MD, heard of them?) And I found a '74 2002 it doesn't really fit my criteria, but it was the ONLY car that they had in my price range. Nevertheless- it was about the right size, manual shift- I just can't afford a fixer-upper. Anywho- I am about to set out on these specialty sites (thank you so much for the links) they look promising. And so true about the sellers on this site- I don't blame half of them though- gorgeous cars *droooool*

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