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Mysterious Membership

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by MINIz guy, Jun 11, 2011.

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    MINIz guy

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    I just recently got a 1 year membership to BMWCCA under my own name with a membership card sent to my address. However, I do not recall paying for a membership and my parents don't remember doing the same.

    My mother has been a member and her membership won't lapse until 2013 and this forum account is under my mother's membership.

    How did this mistake happen and how did BMWCCA get my name? The only BMWCCA event I've participated in is the Tire Rack Street Survival school registered under my mother's BMWCCA membership ID and my name. Would that have anything to do with this?
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    steven s

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    A membership was created because you attended Street Survival.
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    MINIz guy

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    Cool beans!

    At least I can feel safe that no information has gone out. I was worried somebody got into our family's credit infomation and started making purchases (that somehow benefitted us). I guess it doesn't hurt to have two memberships in the same family.
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Welcome to the asylum!

    We're happy to have new members, even the accidental kind. . . .

    Learn anything at Street Survival?!
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    I remember the same feeling of confusion after I did the Street Survival school :D

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