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My Solex 40 phh's

Discussion in '114 type 1600, 2002, 2002ti/tii (1967-1976)' started by AIREDALE, Mar 21, 2009.

    AIREDALE guest

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    Well the Weber 32/ was running fine and the next day it looked like it just came apart and I cant figure it out.

    But while toying with it I am thinking of perhaps dusting off my old Solex 40 phh's which began life in my '66 ti (which went to Stuckers j/y back in '74 or so without them).

    For a time I ran them on my '73 '02 but a lumpy idle and an inordinate thirst for gas made me revert back after a month or so of eating guibos.

    I will need a linkage setup for my '74 - anyone have any suggestions.

    Oh and yes I saved those 4 manifolds
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    Brian A

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    It is great to read a thread about fixing carburetors!

    Nothing to contribute except morale support! Best wishes as you get it running again.

    There is something cool about the totally mechanical device. Every car with a carburetor has its own theft protection system since the engine starting ritual is so idiosyncratic to the car, season, engine temperature etc. No one can start the car except the owner. Not like today, where you just turn the key and go. Very cool. Sometimes I want a really old car (a 1957 v12 Ferrari would fit the bill quite nicely).
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    When you say it looks like it "...just came apart...", do you mean literally, like it's laying in peices on top of the engine??

    I finally (after several months of constant fiddling) got my 32/36 tuned exactly where I want it and from an all around drivability standpoint, I think it's just about perfect. It gets decent gas mileage, has good power, idles and runs really smooth and starts perfectly (after going through the aforementioned idiosyncratic ritual :p ).

    I think the Weber is a great all around carb but the Solex setup would definitely give you more power (if you can solve the lumpy idle...and keep them synch'd). Is the motor stock or do you have it built up at all?

    AIREDALE guest

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    Webers vs Solex

    Bimmerdan, yep, I mean the very night before my son and I went for a nice ride and gave the car a good run and I remember remarking that this 36 year old car ran as nice as or maybe better than the '73 did when it was new. Then the next day he takes it out and the whole thing was loose, with the upper part coming loose and so forth. He basically came back in 1st gear and lucky no fire because fuel had to be coming out (also have an electric fuel pump setup from the PO.

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