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My first diesel;

Discussion in 'Diesel' started by 95273, Mar 7, 2018.

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    I'm about to own my first diesel,a 2018 328d X Drive.Some questions:
    1] Does anyone use additives,primarily to keep injectors clean.If so,which ones.
    2] Any preference as far as fuel type?Is it alright to use bio-diesel.
    3] Has anyone experienced a problem with fuel gelling.I live in upstate New York,close to Montreal.At what temperature does gelling begin to become a problem.Thanks
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    I've only had my diesel pickup, so it's not exactly apples to apples. In any case, I've never used any additives in my pickup. Can't comment on bio-diesel for the bimmer, altho I'd be surprised if not. I usually use Shell & get a few cents off with their fuel-rewards program. I'm in S.W. Ohio, so not the kind of cold you get up there usually, but in cold temps (sub-zero), I've never had fuel-gelling be an issue. Typically my truck's parked in a warmed garage (heated might be an overstatemen) overnight when it gets coldest, but even if parked out for many hours in very cold, even sub-zero temps, I've never had a problem. Again, can't say how pertinent that is to your bimmer in your climate.

    Congrats on the new ride, welcome to the club & forums!
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    First congrats on the new ride. BMW recommends not using additives in the diesel fuel system. Fuel gelling for BMW at least has not really been a issue. Your vehicle does have a electrical fuel heater that helps prevent this. I have yet to see any gelling here in Iowa on the diesels. BMW wants you to avoid BIO diesel, they only allow B5 at the limit.
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    Charlson answered all the questions! But ... I monitor many forums, gelling has not been a problem, even up in Toronto and points north. NY is a CA emissions state, with "better" diesel; there is absolutely no reason to use additives. I've never used them and neither have most owners. BMW says biodiesel up to 7%. My 335d has run it's entire life on B5, as has my wife's lower-mileage 328xd: no problems at all. Biodiesel actually acts like a lubrication for the fuel pump...

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