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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by erapilot, Nov 7, 2008.

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    I bought a reeeaaally nice 2001 BMW 540i Sport just prior to returning to work in Pategonia, Argentina, where I fly a commercial helicopter. This is my first and only experience with a BMW and I must tell you, I was quite unprepared. I retired from the US Army, after 30 years, where I flew Cobra helicopters for a time. When I first took my training in the Cobra, I was told that I needed to do lots of situps and when I asked, “why?”, I was told that when I did my first diving fire utilizing the guns and rockets, I might black out. Supposedly this would be due to the blood in my head rushing to certain parts of my body, at which time I would need to tighten my stomach muscles to prevent the blackout. As it turns out, this was only a joke, but it came pretty close to being true. Well, nobody told me about this 540i Sport, which is as good or better. I only got to drive the thing a short time, 4 days, prior to returning to work and I had to leave it to my lovely wife. She told me that she would take good care of “my car”. When I call her and ask how’s it doing, she tells me that she is driving “my car” sparingly. Now I have been married to this lovely woman for quite some time and I can tell from her voice that she is having as much fun driving that little baby as I did. I would say it’s pretty close to having a sexual experience, only with your pants on. I don’t mean to sound vulgar, but if anyone drives one of these things and doesn’t really get a kick out of it, then they’re dead from the neck up. I can understand just how the owners of BMWs are as fanatic as they are, high maintenance costs or not. I fly helicopters for a living and have flown them for over 38 years, so I know what maintenance intense is. I also know when something is worth the price to be paid for the privelege, and this is it. But then most of you already know this. It’s fun, I’m enjoying it, or will be soon, and hope to be hearing from a lot of you as I go motoring off into the sunset with my bride. Ya’ll drive carefully now and be considerate of one another and I’m looking forward to driving that little baby when I get home.

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