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My feedback

Discussion in 'Member Feedback' started by Shively, Feb 12, 2009.

    Shively guest

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    I just joined having purchased a very used 1985-636csi and wanting a quality website to talk about BMWs in general, get and give tips etc. it seems some models ( mainly older ones ) don't get enough love on their respective forums. Maybe this is not the type of feed back you meant but aside from the forums on my model this site kicks butt on everything else.

    Events, tips, local chapter events and over all news!! I love it.
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    Not as many people have certain models. You'll see tons of topics on E46 3's and newer 5's because a lot more people have them, now that lots more people are buying BMW's in general. The older cars are becoming a dying breed, and not too many enthusiasts are in possession of the older and rarer cars, such as your 635csi.
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    I would guess any 635csi still in road worthy shape today is in the hands of an enthusiast It is just the nature of the car. Expensive when new and not many of them to begin with.

    To generalize (please no offense meant :D), I would also guess these owners are probably a little older and are not as active in this new web 2.0. So you don't see a lot of them on these forums.

    Besides, they are probably just out enjoying their cars and not wasting their time on the internet like we do all day! :D

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