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My ED Report from June '07

Discussion in 'European Delivery' started by lens314, Apr 8, 2008.

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    I just found the new BMWCCA forums, so I figured I would post the story of my ED, to share with the other BMWCCA members.

    I picked up a E92 335i, Monaco Blue, Sport, iDrive, USB and Heated Seats. My girlfriend Lindsay went with me. This was originally written for the Bimmerfest.com forums, so here is a key to some names you may not know:
    Rolf is a VIP driver for BMW, but will transport Bimmerfest members who email him to/from the airport/hotel for a good rate!
    Beewang is a guy on Bimmerfest that runs a Euro Navigation Disk loaner program.
    There are stickied posts on the Bimmerfest ED forums about Rolf and the Navigation Disk Program.
    Irv from Motorwerks in Barrington, IL was my salesperson/client advisor for my car.
    MADA is the agency where you drop off the car in Munich when you are done with it.
    This trip happened before BMW Welt opened.

    June 9th through the 18th of 2007
    Day 1 & 2: We left DFW Airport on a US Airways flight heading to Philly to get on the flight to Munich. Our flight out of Philly was late, so US Airways did the right thing, and made the liquor for the flight free! We got some sleep on the plane, and finally made it into Munich (Day 2). We had a bunch of lines to go through and then we had to wait forever to get our baggage. We almost missed Rolf, but a phone call (after dialing a wrong number) recalled him, and he came up with a luggage cart riding his Razor-like Scooter. He took us to his car, a blue 320d, if I recall correctly, and then drove us to our hotel. I would recommend Rolf again; he had great suggestions for things to do, including visiting the Andechs Monastery and Brewery in Andechs, which would have to wait until we picked up the car. We then got settled in our room, then went to the U-Bahn station to purchase a train ticket to Marienplatz (basically downtown Munich). We found our way there and found some dinner at one of the restaurants there. We came back to the hotel, and went to sleep.

    Day 3: I am wide awake at 4:30am local, much to the annoyance of my girlfriend Lindsay. I was eager to get ready to get on the train to Freimann (U-Bahn stop for the Euro Delivery Center, EDC, pre-Welt). I go back to bed for an hour or so, and then we get ready, and get on the train. We get to the EDC before 7:30, and there are 3 or 4 other parties waiting for their cars. By luck of the draw, Phillip (our Delivery specialist) meets us with the paperwork as we are halfway through breakfast. We appear to be the 1st delivery of the day! With the paperwork finished, we took some time to finish our complimentary breakfast and coffee, and then meet up with Phillip again to go to the car. Everything was perfect. The Navigation DVD from Beewang worked, the USB/6FL specific cable worked with Lindsay's iPod, and my mp3 CDs worked. Phillip went over everything I didn't know how to do. Since this was my first BMW, I read most of the manual in PDF form before the trip. We plug in the address to MADA via iDrive, and off we go, into the rain! We met up with Thomas at MADA, filled out the paperwork, and we are off again. We really did not have to do this at this point, but it was a good exercise just in case we where limited on time the day we where going to drop off the car and get to the airport. We head down to Andechs to have lunch and a beer at the monastery. After driving around the lake nearby, we head back towards Munich and just drive around, enjoying the car. We head back to the hotel, to get some rest.

    Day 4: We wake up, get breakfast at the grocery store bakery down the street, and head up to Regensburg to tour the BMW Werks there. We get to the factory a bit early, so we go towards downtown Regensburg, and find a parking spot. We walk towards the cathedral, and take some pictures in and out, find lunch, and head back towards the car, to drive to the factory. The factory was amazing. We where very impressed with the shop where the car bodies where constructed and all the robots in there. It was amazing to see the 3er coupes, ‘verts, and 1ers on the same line. It was also pretty cool to see the drivetrain "snapped" to the partially assembled body, and then tightened up with screws. We also saw the room where the ‘vert's roofs where put on. We make our way back to Munich on the autobahn, and find dinner somewhere.

    Day 5: We get up, checkout of the hotel, do breakfast at the grocery store again, and make our way south to Neuschwanstein. We previoulsy purchased the tickets over the web, so we traded the ticket order reciept in for the tickets, and started to walk up the steep hill. It is not an easy one, and you have to be in relatively good shape. It was good exercise though. Once we got up there, the tour started. It's been 20 some odd years since I was there last, and there where a couple of more rooms that you see compared to long ago. We walked back down, jump in the car and drove up in the direction of Stuttgart. We met up with one of the Autobahns right near Ulm/Gunzberg/LEGOLand. I had wanted to stop in LEGOLand, but we where too tired and it was getting ready to close anyways. We stop quickly in the parking lot to take a couple of pictures, and head on to the hotel in Stuttgart. We hit rush hour traffic, so it was not the best part of driving, but we eventually make it there. We checked in, got some dinner, and then rested.

    Day 6: We get up, and make our way to the Porsche Factory/Museum. Luckily, our hotel was right down the street, so we did not have to walk far. The Museum is cool, but not very large, and by the time we are called for the factory tour, we pretty much have finished the museum. The Porsche Factory is very nice. We did not get to see the body shop or paint shop, but we where able to see the unpainted bodies coming from the shop, on their way to the paint shop. The assembly line was very interesting. There where a lot of similarities to the BMW plant, and a couple of differences, but well worth the tour. We also got to see the engine shop, and the upholstery shop. Each engine is produced by one person. After that, we head back to the hotel, then take the train to the Hauptbahnhof (main train station), and get some lunch. From there we get on another train to get to the Mercedes Museum. We walk a good distance, and then explore that museum for a couple of hours. We are leaving just as the museum is about to close, so we head back to the hotel.

    Day 7: We get up, check out of the hotel and make our way north to Gerolstein, where our hotel near The Ring is. On the way there, we come across the Weinstrasse (literal translation: Wine Street), which is a road that weaves its way through the major wine producing area of Germany, and find a winery or two to try some wine, and get some bottles to take home for gifts. We eventually make it to Gerolstein, and find the hotel. We take it easy for the rest of the day, since we have been walking a lot the past couple of days.

    Day 8: The Nurburgring! Weather was very cloudy, and partly rainy(much like the previous days). We make it to the track, and immediately see lots of really neat cars, and lots of motorcycles. We find the ticket booth, and I read the rules (even though I read them on the web long ago) and it says cars with export plates (as my car has) are not allowed. So, along with the rain, the busyness of the track, and that rule, I rule out a attempt at getting on the track. Before the trip, there had been a lot of confusion about weather Euro Delivered cars are allowed on the track, due to track workers not letting the cars on the track. We get a bunch of pictures then we drive out along the roads along the track, and try to get a glimpse of the track. It is separated from the main roads a lot by trees, even more so than I thought it would be, but there are few places where we could park to watch the cars run the track. The places we do find though are very good views, and we get a couple of videos and lots of pictures of various cars. We even saw the BMW M5 Ring Taxi's make a couple of laps. After that, we try to look for the road to the Nurburg castle, but we could not find the right road, due to what looked like road closed signs. No big deal though, it was fun driving on the roads around here, as it was very hilly, and there where some good switchbacks. We head up to Koln, and drive around a bit, but there was a lot of road construction in the city, so we get some pictures of the cathedral from a bridge over the Rhine, and head back to the hotel.

    Day 9: We get up, check out, and make our way back to Munich. We finally had more than 1200 miles on the odometer, so I did not feel guilty going over the supposed engine break-in limits anymore, so I did a lot more traveling over 100mph. We make it in time to go to the temporary BMW Museum in the Olympic Park, and to walk around the park a little. After that, we try to go to the hotel to the north of Munich, but we had the wrong city plugged into the navigation computer. A quick call to the hotel with the Bluetooth built-in to the car clarifies the city the hotel is in, and head in the right direction. We settle in, repack the bags so the wine we bought will fit, get dinner, and sleep.

    Day 10: We get up, check out of the hotel, and make our way to a carwash and then MADA to drop the car off. Thomas liberates the front license plate for me, and Rolf meets us to take us to the airport. Traffic was somewhat bad, but we make it there, and met my dad, who just arrived in Munich for business. We have a quick drink, then we make our way to the gate. Our plane is an hour late leaving, but it makes up time over the pond and is only 10 minutes late by the time we get to Philly. We still end up missing our connecting flight in Philly to DFW, due to the long lines in security and customs. US Airways gets us a new flight, and puts us up in a hotel in NJ, so we get some pizza from Dominos, and sleep.

    Day 11: We get up early, get ready, and get to the airport with plenty of time to spare, and make it back home with no problems.

    Thanks to:
    Irv, Beewang, Rolf, and everyone who has shared their wisdom on Bimmerfest to make this trip very smooth!

    Lessons Learned:
    Nav is a must, built-in or otherwise.
    Allow 2.5+ hours in Philly if you need a connecting flight into the US, coming from customs.

    Here are some pictures: http://picasaweb.google.com/lindsaya77/BestOfGermanyTrip?authkey=5Q4H1ChvdJM

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    Great write-up. Rolf certainly loves Andechs.

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