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My 2001 Experience

Discussion in 'European Delivery' started by seastrunk, Feb 11, 2009.

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    My 2001 330xi now has 107,000 miles on it and I thought in celebrating it's approaching eighth birthday I would post these photos - though my experience was particularly interesting because my 1st car (in the photos) was stolen from the port facility in Newark. BMW NA recovered the stolen car a few weeks later because the idiots will still using the EU number plates! - but agreed after a letter or two to replace the car with a new one though it would take another two months to produce and ship, to which BMW FS good will credited the equivalent interest amount. Though the contracts read one is at risk for this sort of thing, given certain circumstances (immediate notification being one) it doesn't happen often and they seem to make good on you having a good experience.

    I WILL DEFINATELY DO IT AGAIN FOR THE NEXT CAR AND HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! It is not necessarily a financial gain unless you make a long vacation out of it.

    Featured photos:
    Route: Munich D, Ulm D, Ronchamp F, La Chaux De Fonds, CH, Ceske Budejovice, CZ Ceske Crumlov, Prague, Berlin, Kiel, (via colorline ferry - forgot I had export papers to stamp, but they let me on anyway - the Norwegians asked - you will take this car with you when you leave? I said Yes! - and that was all - Norway has a 100% import duty on autos) Oslo, Kristiansand, (via ferry) Newcastle, London, drop of near Heathrow. about 3500 miles in 3 weeks.

    CZ01 - Check Republic - on the road north from Austria
    CZ02 - Cheske Budjovice - I parked in garages throughout CZ as I was afraid of theft.
    CHCOR - La Chau De Fonds - in front of Villa Turque - Le Corbusier (I am an architect...)
    LHR01,2,3,4 - Top London Heathrow garage - I worked here for a while so it was familiar - driving on the left is NO big deal - you end up thinking "left" over and over again... the harder part is switching back! - and you may have to ask your passenger for passing assistance. I dropped the car off near here.
    LON01 - London Prada store, Bond Street.

    Uploaded Larger Photos
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    Do you have any higher res photos?

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    Welcome to the forums. Glad that you had a great time doing the euro delivery in your 330i. I tend to like the pictures, especially the last one. Looks like it could be in a commercial or BMW ad.

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