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Multiparker Budapest

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by steven s, Jul 4, 2010.

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    steven s

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    that's pretty cool, must be nice knowing that an SUV full of kids won't be slamming their doors into your car too
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    I'm just glad that there is a video where I can actually read the signs! :D

    Pretty neat system, though I don't think we ever go there on my visits, so I probably will never witness its operation...
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    OH!!! OH!!!!

    I want one!!!! Can I get one that comes with a good looking girl like the one in the video????

    Actually, that's a sweet parking system. Wouldn't work here, though.... Careless idiots couldn't bang the crap out of the parked car's doors next to them.
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    I think you underestimate the ingenuity of careless idiots. They'd find a way!

    Is this the first installation of the system in the world? If there is one in Munich I should track down something interesting to do nearby just for the excuse to try it out.:)
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    I suspet the inventor played too much with these as a kid. :D

    What I want to know is, how does someone either plainly in their late teens or early 20's afford to drive a late model Mercedes in Europe?! Can we say.... borrowed daddy's car? Ya ok I know.. it's a model and they couldn't use a Trabant or a Yugo 'cause it wouldn't look good for the commercial.... so much for suspension of disbelief.

    If you had a lowered car with minimal ground clearance, those pallets would be a problem.
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    Can you imagine the chaos if they had a power failure?
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    I dunno if I'd ever want her; she looks way too serious, serious enough that I think she might be parking so she could go take out her next mark!


    Though I think they'd have some kind of backup power.

    I just can't imagine how much it would cost to park there.

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