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Moving to France, bringing M3, need advice

Discussion in 'BMW' started by tommycat1313, Nov 29, 2020.

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    ...advice other than 'don't do it' [IMG]

    I have a bone stock 1995 e36 M3 US Spec (build 10/94). Wife and I are moving to France next year and I am going to bring it with us, as it is my child and I don't wish to part with it.

    So, does anyone have a handy list of things (glazing, headlamps, turn indicators, horn) that I'd need to address to bring it into Euro compliance?

    Also, it passes cali emissions with flying colors currently, but the rolling dyno test is a 1995-era standard. Does anyone know if an older car like this is held to an unrealistic modern (post obd1) standard in France?

    Thanks in advance,

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