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Missing Bluetooth Passkey

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Electronics' started by 373214, Jun 16, 2010.

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    I have a 2006 CPO 530xi and do not have the Bluetooth passkey. The dealer wants to run diags to find it. Is it printed on the outside of the TCU? If so, where is the TCU on this model?

    I've tried "0000", "1234", and a buncha other combinations. Can anyone suggest what the default passkey might be? :confused:
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    From my experience the code is printed on top of the Bluetooth module, mine was located against the rear firewall. The code is NOT simple like 0000 or 1235 mine was a 5 digit number. The dealer is able to retrieve the code via the computer but usually they will charge for the service. Hopefully another member can supply the modules location.

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