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Mini Cooper Wheels on E30 325is?

Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by Onoratos, Oct 30, 2008.

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    Has anyone ever looked into using current gen Mini Cooper wheel on an E30? Looks like the both use 4x100 pattern, but not sure about the offset or the center bore on the wheels. I'm expecting the offset is different and I'll have to use a spacer (unless the offset is already too much) and possibly change the bore on the wheel?? I was looking at all the options for mini coopers, WOW, lot's to choose from.

    I'm going to do some research, but if anyone has gone down this path I'd be interested in knowing what you found out. I'm looking at a 16"x7" wheel for my car. Discount tire had some actually decent looking and affordable wheels (MB Wheel - Mesh X 16X7 4-100 38S) I was looking into.

    Thanks for your help,
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    I have thought about this too. Mini has some great wheels that would look good on the E30. You could probably get 15 or 16 inch ones used for a great price. I can't remember where I heard or read this, but I think the MINI uses the actual hub from the E30. So this would take care of the hub centric issue. I am not sure of the off set, but that is easy enough to find out. Wheels have the off set (et) stamped on them.

    I think those 15 inch wheels with the round holes all around would look good.

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    5.5x15 et45 for the "8 spoke 82" Mini wheel.
    6x14 et35 for the bottlecaps
    7x15 et24? for the basketweaves (hard to say from the catalog.)
    The part numbers for the drive flange are not the same. I'll ask my friend who has a mini and an 02 (same wheels as E30) if he has tried this.

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