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Mini 1st generation rear brakes

Discussion in 'R50 Cooper (2001-2006), R52 convertible (2004-2008' started by M3pilot, Feb 17, 2009.

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    When the brake wear sensor is replaced does it have to be reset by the dealer (it doesn't on BMWs but haven't done this on a Mini before)? Bentley manual just says replace it. Light is still on.

    When replacing the rear brakes I noticed that the rear wheel bearing seemed very stiff, expecially the RR, even with the brakes removed. Has anyone noticed this? The RR brake may be draging which may have overheated the bearing.

    You can press the rear brake pistons back into the caliper using a generic tool for rotating the piston in that is available at most automotive stores and a C-clamp. The piston face has four holes used for rotation. I had one that is a cube with different size and spaced pins on each face, but none or them fit so I used a file to modify a set that was slightly too wide. Some Fords and others use this tool and only require rotation, but the Mini requries rotation and compression at the same time. So put the tool on the caliper piston, with pins in two opposing holes and put a C-clamp (6 in or bigger) on the caliper and apply some pressue, not a lot, to the rotation tool. Use a wrench to turn the rotation tool to the right. Tighten the C-clamp a little and repeat.
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    Get in the car, close the door and turn the key to the on position. Leave it like that for up to 5 minutes and the light should go out (I think it usually only takes 30 seconds or so.)

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    Caliper Tool

    Harbor Freight sells a rear caliper tool for about $20 on sale that combines pressure with rotation. There are a bunch of different piston pin sets with the kit. Worth the small amount of money.

    Also check that the cable for the parking break isn't too tight (not the cable length adjustment, but the cable housing itself). So this with the car weight on the rear suspension because when the car is up and the suspension extended, it can pull on the caliper a bit and that will move the caliper on the slides so the pads drag.


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