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"Mildly" considering '06 E90 (330i)...

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by drummerfc, Jun 7, 2012.

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    I'm starting to think that it may be time to move past the 4-wheeled love of my life :(. It's provided me with much much joy but also has cost me mucho bucks to keep 'er honest.

    Soooo...I'm "kind of" considering stepping up to an '06 330i with 6-speed manual (of COURSE). I need some "guidance"...or well informed opinions...

    Is the '06 330i the one with the fuel filter/pump issues?

    Anything else I need to be concerned about?

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    No, the HPFP was a 335i only problem. However, the general consensus is that the replacement model used in the recall has fixed the problem.
    Note that the '06 is the first model year for E90. It was pretty good for a BMW 1st year, but those cars are now 5 years old.
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    those first year E90's used the N52, no turbos, no HPFP.

    A buddy of mine had one of these, no problems at all. He then upgraded to to a 335i, and he has had no issues with that either. I usually avoid first year models myself, but I have not heard any bad things about these early E90's. . . yet. I have a bimmer mag with an E90 buyers guide, but I have not read it yet, I'll crack it open and see if it says anything to help.
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    I have an 08 335xi. The HPFP was replaced during the recall. I had the car back in several times after that due to a re-occurring hiccup during full throttle acceleration and they ended up replacing the pump yet again!

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    Well, so far so good...been driving the 330i for 2 months now and it has redefined JOY for me!! :D In baseball lingo: no runs, no hits, and best of all...no errors. Lovin' it.

    The only complaint I might have if I was complaining is the run-flats...a little noisy and hard-riding. They will be replaced by conventional rubber when the time comes.
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    Had a sunroof problem with my '07 328xi (would not 1-push open/close - needed reprogramming) and had the HPFP replaced on the '09 335i. Other than that, no issues whatsoever.
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    So far no major expenses. I had two of the ignition coils need replaced at different times. One window regulator lifter bar repaired under warranty. Passenger side airbag sensor replace on a recall. Value cover gasket at 47k under warranty. I currently have 71,850 on her and she's still running strong. For performance I have had the dealership service department do a fuel induction service and injection cleaning. That service improved fuel mileage.
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