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Mid-Michigan new guy

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by nopcbs, Mar 11, 2008.

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    Well, not that new. Been in the BMWCCA for about 3 years...first post.

    Name: George
    Beemer: 2003 330i zhp 6-sp in Imola Red (stored winters)

    This is my first BMW. Missed my shot at a 2002tii a few decades back, got a Mercury Capri 2600 instead then. Sigh.

    Got the 330i because an M3 was just too expensive and the Subaru dealer would not discount an STi and I do NOT pay list...ever.

    Like the 330i, but wish the shifer was a short shifter and that it had a bit more low end grunt. (Came out of a '92 LT1 Corvette with lots of low end grunt.)

    Still musing over a used E46 M3, but worry about abuse in a used one and understand you have to flog it to really get it to perform.

    My ideal Beemer would probably be a post-Bangle 3-Series with a strong diesel and a 6-speed. Loathe the looks of the E90 3-Series. Do not understand at all the hoopla about the 1-Series. Wish bangle had never joined BMW.
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    you should drive an e46 m3

    if you haven't yet...

    The S54 is an amazing engine. 80% of its torque is available from 2000-8000 RPM.
    The M engine philosophy is "high revs" to get the power.
    ... and it is fun!
    I think there will be some sweet deals on M3s coming with the new model arrival....
    opportunity knocks. I would look personally for a MT 6 speed. It is a race car in sheep's clothing... some say it is high strung, but opinions vary of course. I just think the S54 is one of the great engines in BMW history.
    An enthusiast-owned car will likely be well-treated and maintained. Shop around and you may be surprised (in a good way).
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    Think you are right...

    ...about E46 prices to drop as the new M3's start selling. We'll see. Again, the worry is that a used one that has been flogged is likely to be a lump the street onto you throw money. Need to find a nice driven owned by a genteel lady.

    - nopcbs

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