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MAJOR Coolant Leak pleaes help!

Discussion in 'BMW' started by Legitsnowe39, May 4, 2009.

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    Call from the service center, very bad news. Theres a coolant leak between the headers and (something else i can't remember right now im freaking out) and basically they can't fix it because you need a special tool to basically dismantle the entire engine.... They suggested i drive it over to Kearny Mesa BMW, because they could do it, but i know they are expensive (estimated 3k repair, lots of labor costs for taking out the engine) and i dont feel comfortable driving it when the head gasket could blow at any given moment. Is there any1 in southern california (san diego) that knows anywhere that could maybe do this? And does anyone possibly know the name of that tool? (it's supposed to lock in the cams the guy said)
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    Sorry to hear about your engine issues. You certainly don't want to do more damage. It would probably be good to tow it to who ever fixes it. Go to http://www.bimrs.org/ to find an independent bmw repair shop near you. I am on the east coast, so I can't suggest any.

    Satch lives in So So Cal, maybe he can make a recommendation. :)
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    LaJolla independent can fix you up for sure. Might be able to tell you more if you tell us what car you have.

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