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Magic Liquid? Need advice!

Discussion in 'Detailing' started by vlad2000, Oct 3, 2010.

    vlad2000 guest

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    I found on Internet this product <<http://www.crystalheadlight.com>>.
    Is it really good? Who did already try it? Need advice! Thanks.
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    John in VA

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    Looks like magic! Obviously a solvent.

    pinmagic guest

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    Oh, I always have a LOT of confidence in a product when the website appears to have been written by someone who's new to the English language, and the site looks like it was programmed by a first-grader. If they put as much care and expertise into developing their product as they do in promoting it, it's GOT to be a winner.

    In a common mistake it is when you decide to restore yellowed headlight in your car.

    You can use 2 different way to restore:

    1) You can scrach lenses by sand paper and then polish it.

    (Not recommended, 2 weeks maximum last)

    Or, use chemicals to bleach and bright it forever… there is our KIT, WORKS perfect

    5 cars from 10 need restore or cleaning headlights.

    It is true. Because rain deposit and harmful UV ray bring damage to plastic lenses of your car.

    When you go to car wash you get temporary solution for 1-2 week and you need cleaning it again.

    Restore yellow, worn and cloudy headlights to new again. Experience better
    nighttime vision and driving safety with the new nano technology headlight repair,
    cleaner and restoration from - MAGIC LIQUID

    It is 100% guaranteed! Last up to 6-12 month!
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    lol! The instructions are just as bad - and you can even add them to your cart, for FREE! Nice production values on the "About Us" video clip too, particularly the damaged cars clustered around in the background. :p

    How use this KIT instruction:
    Instruction to make resurfacing plastic lenses with UV protection.

    1) Clean up lenses by liquid #1 with a spray gun
    Or cotton pad. Remove all dirty staff.
    2) Splash by water. And dry by towel.
    3) Remove yellowed and dirty stuff out by liquid #2. (About 3 minutes)
    Use a white pad. With all different positions left and right, up and down till deposits comes out. Let it dry for 2 minutes. Put on glove. Shake well.

    Let lenses dry for 2-3 days to make surface hard and resistant to deposits. Do not use soap any more..

    By necessary repeat step 3 after 2 weeks. Done.
    Price: $0.00

    I hope their Russian is better than their English.....
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    ....A little late in the process, no?! :D

    pinmagic guest

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    Gotta love it! Their website complains about alternate methods where "you get temporary solution for 1-2 week and you need cleaning it again." But not with THEIR method, which "Last up to 6-12 months!"

    Then, the instructions say this:
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    Deutsch Marques

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    I've heard that this stuff is not compatible with the BMW blinker fluid. So be warned next time your top off your turn signals if you are using this product.
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    Actually maybe you could just put this in your headlight washing system. Why go to all the trouble when you can just spray from the comfort of the drivers seat!!!! :D Now there is an idea for a product!!!

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