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Lost Key

Discussion in 'E24 (1977-1989)' started by Dink, Feb 12, 2011.

    Dink guest

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    Is it possible to replace a lost ignition key for an 84 Euro 635? I asked a local BMW shop and they said they could not do that(?)
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    I don't think it should matter if it's euro, theoretically. I suppose it's possible a U.S. dealer might not be able to retrieve the key coding if there is a U.S.-only database and they can't access the info for your car. I wish I knew more about BMW locks, but I think you'd have to take the door lock out to see how it's coded, and I don't know if, for instance, a door lock uses the same number of tumblers as the ignition lock, I'm assuming an ignition lock is both a time consuming hassle to remove, and can't be disassembled to see it's coding.
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    Since they're essentially identical mechanically, post this question over in www.mye28.com. Someone there will have addressed the issue - or will know how to get you the help you need.
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    Brian A

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    A dealership can look up the key code based on your VIN. I needed a second key for my 1991 318i and the dealership said they did not need (did not want!) my original key to make a copy. They could send out to get keys make based at a place that "laser cuts" them for $85 each. Because I had a good master key, I bought an E30 blank on eBay ($7) and took it to a locksmith for simple duplication.

    The locks on my 325i are worn (my driver side lock, in fact, no longer works). I inquired to a locksmith regarding getting the tumblers redone. It turns out this is their meat-and-potatoes work. They could redo the tumblers, replace the tumblers, rekey the tumblers - whatever I wanted - relatively inexpensively.

    You might inquire to a locksmith to see what they can do and for how much.
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    They should be able to cut one from the VIN provided that the lock set has not been changed during the life of the car. You can pull the driver's door lock and have a locksmith cut a key as well. A couple of people over on MyE28 have already gone through this in the last couple of months.
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    Do you not have any keys? If you have at least one, any decent key shop will be able to duplicate it for you. Don't go to any big box.

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