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Looking for Service in DC!!

Discussion in 'BMW' started by 89Deltapilot, May 12, 2008.

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    Can anyone recommend a place for service in Northern Virginia? Fairfax BMW has not been the best on the dealer side. Autohausweb in Manassas has been very good and I'd highly recommend them but they have been unable to diagnose and repair a starting problem I've been having with my 02 325i. They claim their diagnostic equipment is not quite advanced enough to generate a good trouble code.

    On intermittent start attempts the engine turns over just fine but it either will not fire off or does so very roughly and hesitates on spool up to idle. The aftermath of the start is followed by the strong smell of fuel. This problem has been very difficult to diagnose due to the intermittent nature of the problem. Of course the problem rarely occurs when I've had the car in to have the problem addressed.

    Any Thoughts on possible diagnosis or recommended service facilities?
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    The national capital chapter website
    lists supporters at bottom of page, including some Northern VA independents I know to be capable (there may be others), including Alexandria Bavarian, Fairfax Service Ctr, J&F, RRT. Once you find a good shop, best to stay the course, and develop a long term relationship.

    89Deltapilot guest

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    Thanks For the Suggestions

    John - thanks for the quick reply. I'm in Vienna and I'll check out some of the service facilities on their web site. Again Thanks!

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