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Looking for Lifetime Transmission Fluid for E66

Discussion in 'E65/E66 (2002-2008)' started by petegammon, May 19, 2009.

    petegammon guest

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    I want to change the transmission fluid on my 04 745Li with 75k miles and am looking for a lower cost alternative than the BMW fluid which is $65 per liter at the dealer. At this price, I'm looking at over $500. just for Trans. fluid and I'd like to save some cost if possible. I checked with bavauto but they don't carry the fluid. Thanks for your help.

    bigthistle guest

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    Try Redline D4 ATF

    Not sure on pricing, but that's what's going in my trans shortly!


    Excellent engine oil too.
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    John in VA

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    I agonized over changing the ATF in our E46 at 60K miles. It calls for a Texaco product for this GM tranny. I checked with several reputable independent shops and ended up doing the BG fluid flush/transfusion. The BG fluid was compatible with my original fluid as show on their tech specs, and the service ran ~$225 with the club discount. Perhaps this could work for your transmission.

    brianh guest

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    Castrol Import multi vehicle transmission fluid meets the specs for 7 series.
    I changed mine out about a year ago with this fluid and its perfect.
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    Just to clarify something

    The 745Li uses an N62 V8 engine. This car does not share powertrains with E46 3-series, and the E46 never had a production V8 drivetrain in any model. The E66 745Li used a 6-speed automatic ZF GA6HP26Z. This transmission was not used in any E46 3-series model.

    Additionally, the following link outlines that any transmission fluid that goes into this transmission MUST be compatible with Shell M1375.4 transmission fluid. If you're going to go with a transmission fluid other than Shell M1375.4, make extra sure the label says its compatible.


    If you think $500 for transmission fluid is expensive -- wait for it -- you obviously haven't priced the cost of a new transmission.. priced at:

    01 Rmfd automatic transmission EH GA6HP26Z 1 09/2003 24007531245 $5,876.67 +core

    And, no that price is not a typo.

    I did find this link for you, and it may offer you some encouraging news. Please read it.

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    John in VA

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    Only $4,879.67 plus $500.00 core charge from Tischer! ;)
    MSRP is $6,099.59 now.
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