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Looking for fixing lighting issue for 2001 e39 525iT. Hopefully someone has dealt with this.

Discussion in 'E39 (1997-2003)' started by hank1055, Jan 28, 2015.

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    Hi, I am a cca member for 25 years and enjoying the opportunity with my resent project yet need some help / tips etc. I'm almost done with a complete rebuild of my newly acquired 2000 e-39 525iT. I'm down to the exterior lighting, interior lighting, and new audio nav system. Has anyone installed the Alpine INEW957 unit? If so how do you like it? I am looking into this unit with modules for the steering, Sirius radio, rear camera, as well as sub woofer n new speakers. Just looking for other opinions on what you did, how you like it and maybe some other personal experiences some of you have dealt with. Would like to get your thoughts. You can also e-mail me at Hank.sickerman@comcast.net. Or here thank you in advance.

    Also I have changed the rear lens to euro style with white turn signal lens....but trying to do LED bulbs has been a trying experience due to hyper flash issues. Yes I did install resistors ( 50 watt) but I still get the hyper flash..... They look great but unless I can fix this hyper flash issue I will go back to incandescent bulbs which is a shame as the LEDs really look great and I am all about being seen with additional and upgraded lighting in ever car I own. I recently rebuilt my 2001 e38 sport with leds yet had no issues . So I'm looking for some help here

    Rebuild has been fun to this point but this bulb issue is slowing me down and I need to rectify so any help....suggestions would be appreciated ..... Thanks in advance.
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    Welcome to the club & forums, Hank! I don't see too many posting here much about aftermarket audio, don't know that you're likely to find anyone here that's done anything with a specific model head unit. No clue on the lighting, that's nothing I have experience with - maybe our resident tech rep Charlson will have some suggestions. Hope you can work it out and wrap up your project though!
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    Sorry don't know anything about the head unit. The turn signal issue if because of the resistance is not correct for them. When ever you install LEDS they have a lot less resistance than a halogen bulb. And is a basic turn signal/ hazard lighting system if you remove one turn signal bulb the rest blink faster. By installing LEDS you have basically removed both rear turn signal bulbs. I know you said you installed a resistor pack but is that also for the turn signal to. Most aftermarket lights require some modification to the resistor pack for the turn signals. I would double check and make sure the packs are installed correctly. Other wise next option is to wire in a resistor that would be the same resistance as a standard bulb.

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