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Longevity of the e90 330i?

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by Babydoc168, Aug 16, 2009.

    Babydoc168 guest

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    Does anyone out there have any experience with the e90 330i sedan with more than 50k miles? How about more than 100k miles? Any major reliability issues? So far my car (46k miles) has had the radio unit replaced, the front passenger airbag sensor replaced, and the bleed procedure done for the 'ticking' of the engine.


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    I have about the same milage as you. Here is my list so far:

    1. Airbag sensor
    2. squeaks lots of squeaks
    3. paint on drip edge bubbled
    4. shift knob replaced due to peeling (replaced with a rubber even though mine was leather!)
    5. door pull handle replaced due to peeling (Same issue as dash see below)

    need to do...

    6. Head unit display is going bad need to take it for that
    7. this one by far disgust me the most! The rubber coating on all of the dash plastic is wearing off in spots! They have it so it has that nice tactile feel opposed to the cheap plastic that is under it. When has a plastic paint ever worked? Why would a lame coating like this work? IT Doesn't! I don't remember the E46 being like this, maybe I am wrong but the dash rubber coating in the E90 is just sad! Anyone else encounter this problem?

    Other then these small issues (dash is huge issue) I love the car! Couldn't imagine driving anything else!
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    I have 46k on my e90 330i and my wife has 47k on her 325xi. Between the cars both had airbag seat sensors. My wife's needed a small piece of foam to keep the air conditioner from freezing up. Other than that we have been good. We both love the cars. After replacing my shifter with the BMW short shifter kit, it couldn't be more perfect. Good luck with yours.

    Babydoc168 guest

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    I also had an E46. It was a 2005 330xi. It just felt more luxurious. The e90 feels more 'techo' for lack of a better word. That plastic coating over the steering wheel hub had to be replaced. The car does have more 'clicks' to it coming out of the pillars. I am not used to these 'clicks'.

    I love the way the car drives and handles despite some of the cheap touches they put into it.
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    2006 330i longetivity

    I have nearly 51,000 miles on my 330i with no problems whatsoever other than a occasionally sticky driver's side door handle. Even the run-flats on the car have lasted much longer than I expected. However, I am meticulous about maintenance and tire inflation. I'm sure there are many others out there with great reliability and minimal build issues with their 3'- we probably just don't hear from them as often.

    2006 330i
    Sapphire black
    Premium/sport package
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    Just got my 2006 e90 330i from the shop. Valve cover gasket needed replaced at 47,600. I'm glad I have the CPO warranty. $50 is must better that $695 for the repair.

    Babydoc168 guest

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    e90 330i


    Thanks for all your replies. Earlier in the thread, I had contemplated the purchase of a 2006 Sapphire black 330i sedan. I am happy to say that it now has 55k miles on it. So far all of the issues have been minor. It has mostly been in the shop because I had a lot of small items I wanted addressed prior to the new car warranty running out- plastic trim on the steering wheel, pixels dropping out of the radio display, climate control panel sticking. As for reliability issues, I have only had to address the recall on the passenger air bag sensor mat. It has been great thus far. I too am picky about how things should be in the car. This thing has a CPO warranty as well as an extension on the maintenance plan to 100k. I have put about 20k miles on this car and I haven't even had it for 1 year. As for the tires, hopefully I'll get 40-45k miles but I am weary since others in my family have needed to replace the RFTs at 15-20k miles.

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    CONGRATS! I know I have had small issues with mine that seem to line up with yours. Over all the car is fantastic! Enjoy your new family member!

    kdub guest

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    airbag sensors

    Is there a TSB on the airbag sensors? I've noticed it coming on in my e90 335i lately with some really lightweight stuff in the passenger seat.


    2007 Graphite Metallic e90 335i
    Premium, Sport, Cold Wx

    dale512 guest

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    No TSB...there was a recall last year around Aug/Sept. Call your dealer and ask if your car is on the list. I received a recall letter for MY 06 330i.

    richwme90 guest

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    I have 131K miles on mine, I had steering wheel lock malfunctions twice once at 50k and again at 95k dealer fixed both times. I replaced the front tension struts and wishbones at 95k with M-3 parts because the OEM's were worn-out but besides that everything is good. I have changed my oil every 5k miles and trans and rear diff every 50k.

    Michgndr89 guest

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    Tell me more about this. My lock seems to get ornery (won't let the car start) every once in a while, but if I wiggle the steering wheel a bit and then try again, the lock relents.

    tbarton guest

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    I have 69K miles and the only issue has been with the radio from day one. Sometimes it sounds like someone is playing with the balance and fade controls. Of course it never happens when at the service department.
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    330i ZSP ZPP AT
    Build 12/05
    85,000 miles

    Other than the peeling door pulls and airbag sensor this car has been reliable until, last week when this occurred:

    This Service Information bulletin supersedes SI B51 19 07 dated September 2009.
    designates changes to this revision
    Doors Will Not Unlock Using the Key Fob or Central Locking Button
    E90, E91 (3 Series) produced up to 11/2008
    One or more of the doors may not unlock when using the remote key outside the vehicle, or the central locking button inside the car. It is still possible, however, to unlock the door by using the key in the driver's door lock cylinder or by pulling the door handle on the inside of the car.
    Typically fault codes A6D4 and A6D5 are stored in the Junction Box Electronics (JBBF).
    This is due to a blown fuse in the JBBF caused by either:
    An excessive amperage draw by one of the door lock actuators, which is commonly attributed to silicone contamination; or
    An intermittent, but acceptable, amperage spike slightly above 15A, due to normal variation in the locking system.
    Replace the fuse with one of a different rating.
    Replace the necessary actuator as well, but only if it is drawing excessive amperage.
    NOTE: Never spray any silicone products into the latch, as this will lead to premature failure.
    Perform a vehicle test using ISTA.
    Inspect fuse 57 (up to 9/07 production) or 73 (from 9/07 production) in the JBE.
    Replace the blown 15A fuse with a 20A fuse.
    Perform a function test by activating the door locks 10 times in succession via the central locking switch.
    NOTE: The thermal protection will be activated after about 15 successive activations and does not indicate any damage to the system.
    Carefully observe the operation of each lock actuator while it is being cycled. Lock actuators with some degree of damage will exhibit noticeable symptoms of this, such as slow operation, abnormal noises, etc.
    If either one of the front door lock actuators is determined to be the source of the blown fuse, both front door latches (which contain the lock actuators) should be replaced per Repair Instruction REP 51 21 090. For this replacement, the door latch kit, which contains both the left and right side latches, must be used.
    If either one of the rear door lock actuators is determined to be the source of the blown fuse, only that single faulty latch should be replaced per Repair Instruction REP 51 22 090.
    If one of the front lock actuators and one of the rear lock actuators appears to be faulty, both front latches and the single faulty rear latch should be replaced per Repair Instruction REP 51 21 090 and REP 51 22 090.
    If no faulty lock actuators can be identified, wait 2 minutes and then repeat step 4.
    NOTE: If any door latches are to be replaced, the attached procedure should be utilized in conjunction with the REP noted above. This attachment will reduce the amount of time necessary to perform the replacement.
    After the second functional test, if no faulty lock actuators can be identified, none of the latches should be replaced.
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    Our E90 we have had since new (special ordered) has been incredibly reliable now for 4.5 years -- best car I've ever owned in that respect, by far. It has 76k miles on it now too. We had the lock issue noted above too about 9 months ago. It was covered under goodwill/warranty even though the car was out of warranty based on miles already.

    I replaced that fuse myself which got the overall system working except the RF door lock (which was the problem of course) until we got the car to the dealer.
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    good suggestion

    Not sure how much good will is available at 85 thousand miles....

    It does not cost anything to ask.

    Good suggestion...I had forgotten about that.

    elto guest

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    90 K on E 90 - what happened so far

    I have 90K
    here's what's happened so far
    Car is a 2006 325I with sport package CPO with 9 K at time of purchase
    replaced 1 set of RF - I use sep snows on steel rims for 6 mo of the year ( in Boston)
    about to go to get 2nd set .. or maybe reg tires with spare kit
    the ride and noise is awful ..20 K on Pirelli RF is about all you get
    I got the 100 K extended service plan- best decision
    key Items replaced so far
    windshield wiper relay
    1 set of brakes - 2nd set soon
    shifter knob -plastic pealed
    1 piece of the console - cracked
    1 headlight assembly-burned socket
    1 air bag sensor under passenger seat
    1 set of doorhandles - recall- now they stick again
    battery after 60 k - used Duralast -did it myself and saved $ 200
    tire life is very dependent on the 4 way wheel alignment -
    plastic cracked and broke off on seat track screw covers -front
    Car has been reliable - except for the day the starter went - tow and repair
    covered under 100 K plan
    I worry what happens when the 100 K extended plan runs out
    The basic mechanicals are good - but the electronics and plastic may not
    last as well ...
    I'm not so sure given the hard weather in Boston - and the lack of a garage
    that I will get 200 k out of this vehicle
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    Can you expand on the "foam to keep a/c from freezing?" Ours froze during a cross country drive to bring it home to Colorado from recent purchase in Chicago. Also, now back in CO, the A/C does not seem to pump much cold air at all. Not at all like my '04 545i or BMW loaners I have gotten from my dealer. The dealer says it is within specs, cold air is 40 degrees F. Need advice/ammunition to take to my dealer (under warranty).
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    It's be a few vehicles back however the service manager ordered small from BMW that was used as a spacer with A/C coils. Here in the phone number for the Twin City BMW (217) 356-0303. Ask for Todd the shop manager he's very knowledgable and my recall the particular solution. Good luck

    drummerfc guest

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    So far, so good (crossing fingers eyes and toes, knocking on wood :p). I've had it since June (it had @49,000 miles when I bought it) and so far, aside from the RFTs, I'm pretty happy. The car runs/drives/handles/looks incredible!

    The only thing I can't seem to figure out is the fact that I don't get all of my paid-for Sirius stations on the built-in satellite radio. Sirius has refreshed the signal time and again, to no avail. They point at BMW. Of course BMW points back at Sirius. Have an oil change scheduled for this coming Monday so I'll ask them to look into it.

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