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Long time BMW owner/admirer first time member

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by johnnyz, Mar 18, 2013.

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    Hey my fellow bimmer fanatics,
    my name is johnny,im in ne pennsylvania a pharmacist and dont do much besides go to work and look for dinan upgrades for my new M6, Ive owned 5 bimmers in the last 10 years and just acquired my next dream: 2007 M6 convertible with only 12,000 miles. Sapphire black metallic over red leather with carbon fiber trim.
    I would like some input/criticism : i had to choose between this or a 2010 with 43,000 miles. I wanted the V-10. also i couldnt find any with the color combo i got. I got an extended factory warranty for 4 more years and 48,000 miles. I would like to hear some input if i went with the right choice.
    pics to come
    thank you
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    I don't have specifics on your model, just general stuff - M-specific parts prices typically are more expensive than their non-M counterparts (depending on what it is), and the extra performance may mean extra complexity and maintenance expense. Hopefully the maintenance aspects don't come into play until higher mileages, and anyone who's realistic and knowledgeable about M-cars should already be aware that most times you gotta pay to play. I don't know how you go wrong with a lower-mileage vehicle. Unless there were specific problems to warrant shying away from the car, either generally or specifically, then I fall in your camp - the V10 is cool! Welcome to the club!
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    Welcome to the asylum! But I don't think you'll get much useful input from us inmates—most of us couldn't make the down payment on a grille badge for an M6, new or Certified Pre-Owned. You already know that you have the most sophisticated engine ever built by BMW. I agree with Marshall: the fewer miles the better.

    Maintain this bad boy forever and pony up the bucks when something needs fixing, and I will remain envious! You own one of my absolute favorite cars!
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    First welcome to the club and congrats on your purchase very nice vehicle. Some basic information on your vehicle the engine is a 5L v10 called S85 and I'm assuming you have the SMG 3 transmission. Now as MGarrison said these vehicles are of course a lot more expensive then others and you went for the mac daddy of them all for expensive. Some common issues I see with these vehicles is SMG pump failing, ignition coil failures, throttle actuators, and the worst is the injectors sticking open and hydro locking the engine causing the need for engine replacement. Don't get me wrong every car has its issues and this one is amazing and a blast to drive and the sound that engine makes is second to none. If you have any questions about the car please ask it really is quite amazing using the most advanced technology is a street going vehicle.
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    Thank you all for your inputs. seems like you're all a cool bunch of guys/gals and im glad to be part of the asylum. The guy that got me the extended warranty said it was just about identical to the new car warranty. im hoping so, he whacked me over $5,000 for it. Thank you charlson89 for letting me know about those problems. Ill check to see if the warranty covers those. id appreciate any advice on what dinan upgrades you guys think would be most worthwhile
    Thanks again
    ill try and get pics up asap

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