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Latest Navigation Software Revision?

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Electronics' started by Andy Traxel, Jun 22, 2010.

    Andy Traxel guest

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    Does anybody know what the latest revision of the navigation software is?

    I picked up a 2010 335 in May. The navigation software in the system is rev 1.4.6 2009-2.

    The software does not reflect a major freeway interchange rebuild that was completed here in Milwaukee around September of 2008. Ramps were essentially flipped. So the instructions the software gives to navigate through this interchange point in a totally wrong direction.

    I know my way around town. So this error isn't an issue for me. But it makes me wonder what else is out-of-date with this revision. And where and how much I can rely on the software.

    I've asked the salesman at my dealer this question twice. He hasn't gotten back to me. I emailed BMWNA with the question and haven't heard from them either. Makes me wonder if its something BMW doesn't want to talk about.



    alstroberg guest

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    No, I don't

    Because of your question I went outside & looked at mine. In April of this year I bought a 2010 MY 650i which has a build date of 4/2009.
    The Nav version is 1.2.8.

    Do different car lines have different Nav systems? That doesn't seem likely.
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    Map Updates

    Most cars will have various levels of the navigation software. The map data is separate and distinct from the navigation software. The issue you state may be due to an older map. Checkout the version of the map (on the DVD) you have, BMW has a 2010 version available. You can buy the BMW map DVD for around $200. A dealer may be able to update the navigation software, but I have never asked.

    I have found that my Garmin Nuvi is superior in almost every way to the BMW system (other than it is not built in) and I can buy a Garmin map update for around $50 on Amazon.com.

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