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L6 #'s

Discussion in 'E24 (1977-1989)' started by houndenstein, May 3, 2023.

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    I've been in love with the e24 as long as I can remember. I just recently bought an L6. Does anyone know if there is a list of which VINs were legit L6? Every VIN i have checked pops up with 635csi. I understand that it is a 635, but there has to be list somewhere of which VINs were chosen for L6. Also, I've never seen any actual documents from BMW stating how many 635's were chosen to be L6's. I've seen people post that approximately 1200 L6's were built, and I'd like to believe that, but I'd also like to see documents. Have any of you ever come across anything that is actually from a BMW document?
    Also, if any of you are in Tucson, reach out!
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    ooo good questions - my guess would be pop over to Bimmerlife & find an email contact for Jackie Jouret, she might get you to someone with some insight. I've used bimmer.work for a vin checker, you haven't found running your vin a options package code indicative of being the luxury options making up the L6?

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