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known issues with 01 330Ci

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by pdudley, Apr 11, 2008.

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    I'm looking at an 01 330Ci tomorrow. Any known issues I need to be aware of?



    M3Driver guest

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    I had an 01 330Ci before I got my M3. The only thing I had to replace mechanically was the electronic thermostat under warranty. The CE light came on drving to work one day but the engine never overheated. I did have to have the doorseal trim on both sides replaced since the glue that was used back then was not up to standards; this too was warranty item.

    It was actually a really bulletproof little car for me. Get the service records or get the VIN and have your local BMW dealer pull the records on it.


    snikwad guest

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    Here's some of what I've had, and or seen/hear of...

    Vanos fail- highly likely
    A few reported ps unit leaks - slim chance, prolly already
    Step box may crap out later like an autobox might - average chance, imo
    Subframe may fail - slim chance
    Diff bushings on manuals may fail later - depending on driving style
    Rear shock tower - u know the deal
    Toss the mech fan for an electic one - must do. Also more power.
    Thermostat failure - I will happen eventually.
    Expansion tank failure - it will happen
    Radiator failure - also highly likely

    Happy motoring, buy a E46 and be a happy person.
    E46fanatics.com FTW.

    snikwad guest

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    Oh yeah, I forgot the most annoying and embarassing one.

    Vapor barrier failuer - average chance, imo.

    bfriesen guest

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    How can you spot/hear a VANOS problem? I'm a couple thousand miles away from warranty expiration and want to make sure nothing slips under the radard. Thanks.

    snikwad guest

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    dont waorry about the warranty and vanos, all BMW does is put a brand new one in, with the same POS seals.


    Jeron guest

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    Power windows

    snikwad guest

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    Yes window regulaters are crap, apparently within bmw parts system, the new regulators share the same part #, if u get an older type regulator it will fail again. I got 3 going bad. Only one functions perfectly.

    Lubing the sunroof every 15k miles supposedly goes a long way in making then last. Bmws solution is to replace the entire cassette system. So pm is your best bet for off warranty sunroofs.

    bfriesen guest

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    Upper strut mount housings.

    Mass airflow meter

    door seals

    ignition coil recall

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