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Key will not turn in ignition

Discussion in 'E31 (1991-1997)' started by mac840, Feb 15, 2010.

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    Hi all , I have returned to the BMW CCA after a long abscence. I a have a 1995 840ci. Two weeks ago I made the mistake of starting the car from the passenger seat. While doing this the key felt weird and when I went to the start position it did not start and when returned to the stop position the dash lights were on. The steering lock and gearshift lock are disengaged. The key will not move at all. I removed the ignition switch and am using a screwdriver while to key is inserted to start the car. I have read alot of posts all over the web in the last two weeks and I am wondering how to go about this without being able to remove the tumbler because of the frozen position. I was going to buy a new tumbler and steering lock assembly from the dealer and diy. My question is will the complete steering lock assembly come off the column without removing the tumbler first? Thanks in advance.. John.....
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    I would check your key first to see if it is worn, check for any "skinny" areas. A worn key will cause your problem. You should be able to remove the steering lock assembly with the ignition cylinder still in it. The hard part is getting the fracture bolts out. I usually knock them loose with a chisel. You also need a special tool to put the c-clip back on the steering shaft. Make sure you get new fracture bolts too.

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