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Key remote problems

Discussion in 'E39 (1997-2003)' started by jeleccion, Mar 19, 2008.

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    :(I just bought a used 2001 530i. When I test drove the car, the remote function on the key worked fine. When I picked up the car, the owner also found one of the old remote keys which had not been used for quite awhile. However, once he tried the old key in the remote, the key I used to test drive the car stopped working as well. Both keys work in the ignition, but unfortunately, neither has remote function anymore.

    My mechanic checked it out and also checked out the gas door fuse which was not the issue. He also tried to reprogram it to no avail. Another dealership said it wasa definite that I had two bad keys and I had to order another one. Apparently, according to one dealer service advisor, once the old key is inserted into the ignition, it renders the other (previously operational) key useless as far as the remote goes.

    Has anyone had this problem? Can you offeray advice?



    kbuicker guest

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    That's not true. Look in the manual, it will mention using each key throughout the year to keep them charged.

    Mine are dead. I'm looking for a better price on the key now. $200 is just too much for a new dad... anyone know if BMWCCA members would get a discount?

    Edit: $160 to club members at John Roberts.

    kevb88 guest

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    I had a similar issue, and was told by the dealer that I needed a new key, but a mechanic overheard and reprogrammed the key using the old one, dont know how he did it but it worked,

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