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Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by Joeb427, Jun 15, 2009.

    Joeb427 guest

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    Hello everyone!
    Been a Lexus guy but just bought my first BMW.
    A new '08 white/beige 335i.
    What a quick,great handling fun to drive car.
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    congrats, i'm sure you'll find your BMW to be a lot more fun to drive than a Lexus.

    Joeb427 guest

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    Not even close!!!
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Welcome to the asylum!

    Now, now. I am sure a Lexus is fun to drive. Or at least comfortable and competent. But for me, it just feels---well, I'm not sure. Less involving. Less focused. Less something. . . .

    Joeb427 guest

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    I meant the 335 is more fun to drive than the Lexus.
    I've had a IS and GS and both don't compare to the handling of the 335.
    Not even close!

    Wanderlustbob guest

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    I travel frequently for work and drive a lot of different rental cars. My Bimmer has ruined me from enjoying any of the rentals even brand new models with very few miles. One push on the gas pedal and I get homesick for my 335.

    Welcome to the club!!!
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    This reminds me of a quote from Jeremy Clarkson from the episode of Top Gear where they compared the IS-F to the M3:

    "Driving a Lexus has always been like sitting in a bucket of warm wallpaper paste while reading a Jane Austin novel." LOL

    Welcome to the club! :D

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