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Just bought a '98 328i . . .

Discussion in 'E36 (1992-1999)' started by SGBimmer, Jun 14, 2009.

    SGBimmer guest

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    It's a beauty, and it checked out OK at purchase. 125M. What should I have inspected as a minimum? Should I take it to a shop for an Inspection II? Things I can (and should) do myself now? Looking for advice. Thanks.
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    steven s

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    If you don't have previous history, I'd do everything required in an Inspection II.

    There is a lot you can do yourself. I usually bring the car in for tranny and diff fluids since it's too messy for me to do myself.
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    Change the water pump if it has not been done in the last 60k. If you are going to have this a long time, put in a Steward High Performance water pump. You won't need to change it again. Also, while you are in there, do the t-stat and if it has a plastic t-stat housing replace with an aluminum one. Radiators and expansion tanks do fail on this car, might not be a bad idea to this at the same time too, if you have no records. I replaced all of this preventatively at 90k on my E36. I did the work myself so I was looking at about $500 or so in parts. To me this is cheap piece of mind knowing I won't be sitting along the highway someday with a failed cooling system.

    But at a minimum change that water pump if it hasn't been done since 60k.

    As mentioned do an inspection II, in other words all fluids, spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, etc.

    I strongly recommend that you buy the Bentley Repair manual for this car. It will pay for itself in one use. It will tell you all about Inspection II, general maintenance, and how to do the above.

    Enjoy your new car! :cool:
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    What was checked ?

    SGBimmer guest

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    Thanks! Bought the Bentley manual -- great resource! The dealer thought the pump had been replaced, and I'm going to try reaching the previous owner (owned it from 70M - 125M). I have a good friend who runs a service shop and does car work on the side. He has agreed to go over the car with me using the Bentley manual. Looks like I can handle most of the Inspection II items with his support. I appreciate the advice on the replacements -- exactly what I needed! The car is still a joy after the first month! I think this might be a long and beautiful relationship . . .!

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