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Joey's U.S. flag...

Discussion in 'Roundel Magazine' started by MGarrison, Jan 16, 2013.

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    p. 76 of the Jan. Roundel...on the RLL ALMS M3...

    Anyone know why the U.S. flag by Joey Hand's name is... backwards?? The picture clearly isn't reversed....
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    steven s

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    Must be the new layout. :)

    I forgot the reason, but there is one.
    I'm betting the the flag is the other direction on the other side.
    I googled one answer.

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    Steven that would be correct. I have been in Law Enforcement for years, and the flag on a vehicle or uniform is set so the flag would appear as it would, if it were a cloth flag in the wind.
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    The simplest reasoning we were given when I was on active duty was the it gives the illusion as the flag is always moving forward. US Army has been wearing there flags like that since at least Desert Storm ('90-'91)...

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