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JMK BMW Springfield New Jersey

Discussion in 'BMW' started by zibbyzibs, Apr 27, 2008.

    zibbyzibs guest

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    Anyone have any comments? This is the closest dealer to me and I need to take my ride in for service. Any good, bad or ugly about the service department?

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    I've only bought parts from them for my older 535i since I leased my X3 at Denville BMW (no problems whatsoever!) Their parts department is huge and if its not available they get it in 2 days. Nothing but good service (at least from the parts guy!) for me. They are expanding so in the near future they'll be huge!
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    I have been going to JMK for almost 20 years and the service is top-notch. Over this time there were a few "difficult intermittent " issues to fix and they bulldogged the problem to a satisfactory conclusion . I have also purchased 5 BMW's over this period and have always been treated fairly and respectfully with a great price to boot.

    radel guest

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    JMK Service is good. However, they are always busy there (due to renovation) so you need to be on top of things with your SA. You need to call them up if they don't call you at the promise time. Also, it depends on your SA. I can recommend Claudio, he is top notch and will go above and beyond to satisfy his customers. Good luck.

    northern-monkey guest

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    I just used them...................they are remodelling so its kind of crazy over there, however they do the best givne there situation.
    As Radel says stay close to them and you should be okay

    lugnut guest

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    I have been purchasing vehicle from JMK for nearly 20 years (Saab and BMW), and I have never had a bad experience there.

    It is a little crazy with their construction, but considering the scope of it they are doing really well. It should be finished in a couple of months.

    Bhromy guest

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    I been going to JMK for service for about 4 years now, never had a problem. It is just crazy there now with the construction.

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