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Jack Stand Placement

Discussion in 'E39 (1997-2003)' started by MFarisE39, Jul 4, 2008.

    MFarisE39 guest

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    I did my first oil change, just bought the car a couple of weeks ago, and I was able to lift the car up with a floor jack using the standard lift points. I didn't see anywhere that looked suitable to place jack stands.

    Is there a diagram or pic that shows the correct placement for them?:confused:


    GregS_WI guest

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    2 ideas

    So, don't tell us that you crawled under your car while it was held up by a jack...

    But anyway, I wouldn't jack the car up to change the oil. I guess if you jacked up the driver's side you are OK, but imagine the oil one would leave if they jacked-up the passenger side (I'm thinking the I6 here) whereas the drain plug would be on the 'high' side of the crank. Not good.

    I'd suggesting going to buy yourself two six foot 2x12's, cut each to 3', 2', and 1'. Tapper the edges and screw together (bury those screws in!). Now you have a ramp to drive up and crawl under. Even if you drop off the far edge, you shouldn't hurt your car. After your drive up, set your parking brake and chuck those back wheels. (Note: crawling under your car has a degree of danger...use at your own risk.)

    Regarding jack points, if you have an I6, there is a rubber stop under the center of the engine. When I need to get up on jack stands, I jack up on that and place stands under the normal jacking points. For the rear, I admit I use the diff on the e39, but our e46 has a convenient cross support in front of the diff that I use.

    Best of luck and live to drive another day!

    MFarisE39 guest

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    Ok, I won't. No, I just lifted it up enough to get to the drain plug. I'm paranoid about that. The wheel wasn't even off the ground and I didn't expose myself to the car. It was really awkward.

    I'll have to make those. I'm a woodworker in my other life.

    Thanks for the advise!
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    MFarisE39 guest

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    HEHE. As they say in radio land.. "Mark, That!"


    H8Rain guest

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    Here is what I do.......

    Drive the front of the car up onto ramps. My car is low and with the M5 bumper I need to first drive up on 2x10 boards, then onto the ramps, otherwise the ramps will hit the front bumper before the tires get there. Once on the ramps I jack one of the rear corners at the jack pad (just behind the the rear doors). Once I have it up high enough I put a jack stand at the front jack pad on the side that I am jacking. Then I remove the jack and go over to the other side, rear jack pad and jack it up there. Believe it or not, this will almost bring the entire rear end up (the E39 is VERY ridgid). The key is having that first jack stand in the opposite corner up front. Once it's up nice and high I can put a jack stand at the other front corner and the opposite rear corner from where I am jacking. I then remove the jack and put the jack under the diff.

    The car will easlily balance on just the (3) jack stands (FOR NOW). With a big pad between the jack and diff I slowly jack up the rear. This brings the rear end up enough so that I can put a jack stand on the remaining rear side jack pad. Then I move the jack to the front of the car. The V8's have a jack point on the front sub-frame just behind the oil drain door. I then bring the front up level to the back and adjust the jack stands on each side of the front. Now the car is high, level and safe. It is a pain to do. Takes about 15-20 mins to do but this is how I change ALL of the fluids (oil, trans, diff). It is very important for the car to be level so you can drain and fill properly.

    I could slide the ramps out at this point (which I do when removing all four tires for say a brake flush) but when crawling under the car I like to have them there for added saftey.


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