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Ipad integration into your BMW

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Electronics' started by vinsk, Aug 19, 2010.

    vinsk guest

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    I'm thinking about installing iPAd on my 2011 X5 headrest. I came across few accessories for headrest mount of an iPad but the only issue I see is the audio output to the car audio system. I've premium sound package with iPad kit. I'm thinking of using A2DP Bluetooth connection through Auxiliary input to have a wireless solution. Please share your thoughts if someone already tried doing this. Thanks
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    Please don't take this the wrong way, but my first question is why?

    An iPad would make for a fairly expensive headrest display, especially if you're only going to use it to play music. That and the overall size of the Ipad, although they are fairly compact, might be difficult to integrate into the smaller headrests of the X5.

    Additionally you would also have power and cooling concerns even if it did fit. Any tray you mount it in could potentially block cooling vents on the Ipad if adaptations are not already made for them.

    I've also seen mounts that allow a small flatpanel to be mounted to the headrest tracks, but the problem here is that depending on the design, it could limit the vertical movement of the headrest, or (if equipped) any tilt function on the headrest itself. I haven't seen any of these mounts that were designed for the size and weight of an iPad though, and this could be a source of rattling or noise, or worse, might potentially cause long term damage to the iPad.

    You would have more room trying to fit it into the front seatBACK instead of the headrest, but you'd still have to overcome the challenges of powering it, keeping it from overheating, or worse, having the backseat passengers (kids?) accidentally kicking against one very expensive panel of touch sensitive glass (these are already around $200 for the smaller iPhones and Ipod Touches -- I don't want to know what replacing an Ipad glass would cost).

    You could probably create a protective panel or tray to house the Ipad when not in use, but you're also involving more expense and potentially complicating how you would keep the device from overheating.

    Not to shoot your idea down, but an Ipad doesn't sound very ideally suited for the application you're proposing. Especially since 5-inch TFT flat panels are already on the market, significantly cheaper, and already designed to be mounted in the rear of a headrest. There are also a number of portable media players that would ideally fit in such a compact location.

    There are also very compact computers called ITX formfactor computers. These are about the size of a single DIN car stereo head unit.

    Just my $20.02

    vinsk guest

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    Thanks for your advice bcweir. I was thinking if there was a headrest mount then things will be lot easier. BUt as you said, kids might damage the screen. I need to look for a cheaper media player.

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