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Discussion in 'E38 (1995-2001)' started by Louiseven, Feb 23, 2008.

    Louiseven guest

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    Hi my name is Louis I am new to the club. I just joined last December. I am the proud owner of three Bimmers. My Pride and joy is also my first BMW, a 1999 750IL in Orient Blue. I am an active member of the the awesome Bimmerboard forums as well the Bimmerforums.

    mvision7m guest

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    Great ride!

    I now own a 2002 540i sport (automatic unfortunately) but I previously owned a 1998 740iL and loved that car to no end. I understand that the 750s are less troublesome than the 740s. I can tell you from experience that my 740 gave me quite a few headaches and while the 540 has the same (although updated) motor it hasn't given me nearly as many fits as the 7. In spite of the misery the 7 caused me at times over the time I had it I miss the car. It was my first BMW and felt somehow more speacial than the 540. The 540 of course handles better and is faster as well as having the sinister black over black color scheme to the 7s non-descript silver over gray but I still miss my 7. Hope your 750 brings you many more years of driving enjoyment and far less trouble than my 7 gave me. Not my car pictured by the way.

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