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In need of a BMW shop or tech in Boston

Discussion in 'BMW' started by nd4spdlsc, Nov 10, 2009.

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    My friend just bought a BMW 330Ci. The exact year escapes me, but he's having a number of intermitent electrical problems with it and the EML light comes on but goes off randomly. I can't trouble shoot the car 2 hours away and he's not much of a DIY'er. Does anyone know a good tech or shop he can take his car too? The car may be sent back to the car lot he got it from under the lemon law if he can't get this resolved. Thanks!

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    I have had good luck with 3D Auto Works in Hudson NH
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    GPS is the place

    I've used German Performance Service (now in Brighton) for the past few years. Marc is the owner and knows his stuff, he spend seven years with Turner Motorsport before opening his own shop. http://2002racing.com/

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    I'll 2nd GPS in Brighton. I've had some work done over the past few months and have been extremely happy with their work. And they're really easy to talk to.

    Turner in Amesbury and Schneller in Newburyport also come to mind.

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