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I'm Much Happier Now...

Discussion in 'E63/E64 (2004-2010)' started by alstroberg, May 6, 2010.

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    I brought home my new 650i about four weeks ago & with some optimism of connecting to the BMW community.
    My first BMW board experiences were terrible- little or no useful information, with rude, bullying, and sophomoric comments.

    In just a few days the CCA board here has made me feel much better about the peer group I joined.

    For years I have used a Saab Board <http://saabnet.com/tsn/bb/9-5/> which has set the bar pretty high for community help & peer guidance - sort of the Prairie Home Companion of car sites.

    The bmwcca has promise.

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    Apologies for your earlier bad experiences. If it helps, I had an initial bad experience on the phone from some so-called BMW service professionals, including a service advisor that said half his guys would rather be beaten into unconsciousness than work on a BMW 750iL. Hardly a kind thing to say to a BMW enthusiast like me who loves his car.

    The online BMWCCA community has been far kinder and supportive of me and my car. Stick with it though and congrats on your car! I hope you will be sharing more photos of it very soon!

    We all love our cars here. Glad to have you with us!

    My car is pictured on the left, and I have several more in my photo album, which you are welcome to view. It's an early 1988 750iL, production date 9/87. It's Alpine White with a black leather interior.
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    welcome, I'm guessing you signed up on bimmerforums? they seem to fit what you described :p
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    My thoughts exactly.
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    I've heard of them.

    The maturity level in there was somewhere between Chuck E. Cheese and Pee Wee's Playhouse (not very high, in other words). :p

    OTOH, I've been a member of http://www.bimmerboards.com for four years now. It's got the occasional troll (don't they all? :D) but overall a very helpful, friendly, and generally relaxed, uncensored, and active BMW community.

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