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I like this Rob Siegel guy!

Discussion in 'The Hack Mechanic Goes Online (closed)' started by Ole Petter Rosland, Nov 8, 2014.

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    Ole Petter Rosland

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    Hi. My name is Ole and I live in Norway. I've been a member of the Norwegian BMW club for 20+ years and the BMWCCA for 10+ years. I really liked the article about Bob's new 635csi :) I'm lucky to have the same "sickness" as Rob; buying more cars than I need for any sane reason. I also have a 635csi (euro 1987), an E30 M3 and about 10 other (old) BMWs, 2 Jaguars and a MG. Fortunately, I still have space to keep all my cars indoors :) I've owned more than 75 BMWs and 105 cars altogether, and then some motorbikes.... My latest BMW buy was a 1996 Z3 bought in march. I love the soul of this car, even if it's just a 140hp engine. It has a lot of the same feeling as my old E30 cars, I think. Combined with the open-top experience that's really great. Have a nice weekend, everybody!
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    Welcome to the forums - great group of cars you have there!
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    Welcome to the forums as well and love all the BMW's!
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    You are obviously a man after my own heart! I also have a Z3 ('99, 2.5l, 5-speed). Great car. I love it. I'm about to, sadly, put it away for the winter.

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