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I Just Bought An E32 750i Shortie

Discussion in 'E32 (1988-1994)' started by phoenixop, Dec 9, 2016.

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    Like the title says, I just purchased a 1990 BMW 750i. After a bunch of research, I believe that there were 0 (Zero, Nada, None) 750i's manufactured and shipped to the U.S during the entire E32 production run. All of them were for either Europe (left hand), Japan (right hand) or anywhere except the USA.

    If anyone knows of anyone who might happen to have another, or has any more information on these "shortie" 750's, I would really appreciate knowing that. I'm trying to get some kind of feel for it's rarity in this country, i.e. do I have the only one? LOL Of course, I'm really freaking out about parts and brushing up on my German as EVERYTHING is in German.

    Any way, it came with ASC+T (groan),Satin Chrome, bun warmers and sport suspension as well as all the other BMW doodads. The best part is, everything is there including the tools and warning triangle.

    Anyway, the help would be appreciated.

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    Congrats on the new ride! Can't say I have ran into a shortie yet so can't help there.

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