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How To; using Firefox tools' Style Editor to make Roundel Weekly articles readable

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by MGarrison, Oct 30, 2014.

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    For any Firefox browser users going blind every week reading Rob Siegel & the Roundel Weekly articles due to the silly no-contrast light-grey-text-on-white-background, here's a fix - unfortunately, you have to do it for every article. This works on my screen & computer, not sure that it will for everyone, but you may find it worth a shot.

    Bring up the Roundel Weekly article; hit Shift-F7 to bring up the "Style Editor" (or, click Tools/Web Editor/Style Editor from the top menu bar).

    Shown in the picture below is what pops up for me - scroll through and change all six "Font Weight" numbers to 900, and by the time the last one's changed, the article text presumably will be showing in a much more readable very-dark grey. Close the style editor (click it's "X" or hit Shift-F7 again) and commence with actually enjoying reading the article.

    Unfortunately saving the changes via the "Save" shown doesn't appear to hold the changes for anything other than that page/article, so I find myself going through this exercise with every article - beats the eye-straining alternative, though. There might well be a way to make every article come up that way automatically, but so far I haven't discovered it.

    readable roundel weekly article 01.JPG

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