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How To Reset Check Engine Soon Light?

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by erickblackwelder, Jan 19, 2014.

    erickblackwelder guest

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    My 2001 325xiT is displaying the Service Engine Soon light on the instrument cluster. Just to be clear, it is NOT the Check Engine light, it is the Check Engine Soon light. I have replaced all of the fluids, checked the OBD II, and no codes show.

    I've heard that the Check Engine Soon light comes on around 100,000 miles as a way to give my local dealer some business. I've performed the services that would be done at 100,000 miles by the dealer.

    Can anyone tell me how to reset the Check Engine Soon light?
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    If the service engine soon light is on you have an emissions issue with the vehicle. Not sure what type of OBD scanner you are using but you will need to have the faults read out of the vehicle. This light will not come on for just services being needed. The vehicle is seeing some sort of issue with a system that can effect emission output of the vehicle.
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    steven s

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    I had a service engine soon light on my Mini and it ended up being a bad t-stat.
    Agree. Need the codes scanned.

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