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How high are our emissions?

Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by stevehecht, Mar 25, 2009.

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    Lets see in the last 20000 years the earth has been warmer. Back in the late 70's these same scientists were telling us another ice age was coming.

    Curbing all vehicle emissions or going zero emissions vehicles in the US will have no effect on global warming( see R&T article from winter issues from 2007)

    And conserving gas just means we will be playing this game of rising fuel costs and having traders effect the price rather than supply and demand. Using as much gas as quickly as possible will force someone to develop viable alternative forms of energy sonner not later. I don't conserve fuel and see no reason to. We can drill for oil off both coasts and if necessary use the Monroe Doctrine to seize oil fields in Canada, Mexico, Cuba(offshore), and Venezuela.

    What kind of forum is this Paul? One for followers of the Goracle? Paul do own a gas powered lawn mower? Trimmer? Use it maybe 2 times a month during the Spring, Fall and Summer? Then you are throwing out more pollution than any 02 with a 3% Co does in month of driving. Get over yourself.
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    Conservation makes sense because if China is using incredible amounts of oil and we have to fend for ourselves, then it would be best if we became energy independent thorough conservation, alternative sources, and more domestic production.
    Your idea of running us out of oil quickly so we can find better alternatives is not a well formed idea. It will lead to economic collapse and war, as evidenced by your other idea of siezing oil fields in other countries. We do not have the resources to do this and it would absolutely ruin us. Bad idea for sure.
    Sharing your opinion like a normal person and making ridiculous non sequiter statements as in your first post are two completely different things.
    Just so you know, I have an electric mower and electric trimmer, and you ought to get over yourself. I do believe that lawns are dumb but I didn't buy these for any reason approaching being green, mostly because they were cheap and my yard is tiny. As I have said elsewhere, my political opinions are all over the board as most sentient people's are, and do not buy the green hype that people push if they can't back it up with fact.

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    That's why I'm doing the S52 swap, it will release less emissions AND get better MPG.

    Nothing to do with the extra 100 or so WHP. :D
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    One of the true beauties of owning my E39 525i (5 speed!) is I get all that power PLUS incredible gas mileage! :D At least 24 tooling around and if I'm really diligent, I can get *35* on straight hwy. driving.

    Did anyone see that commercial from a few months back, showing a guy in Germany driving a BMW 3-series past someone walking, rollerblading, biking, taking a bus, etc...and as he pulls into the parking lot of what I believe is the BMW office or dealership he works at, the announcer says that BMWs have always been energy efficient?

    Obviously I'm getting some of the details wrong but point being...just driving your Bimmer is a more "conservative" approach to the whole energy/green issue! ;)
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    I did the e to i swap on my 86 325 and ported and milled the head stricktly for power, but as it turns out, the Motronic 1.3 netted me a 6mpg increase and saved ma a fortune when gas was high and I had to drive 150 miles per day. That included me abusing the car twice a day on entrance ramps and driving 75mph on the interstate. Gotta love BMW innovation.

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