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Houston, TX member, looking for feedback from racers, where to post?

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by CarConnection, Apr 8, 2008.

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    Let me start off by saying if this post violates any of the forums rules, i apologize. I've been trying to find a way to get word out to the folks who frequent TWS, MSR, etc... but there are no forums dedicated to those specific tracks. So i'm hoping that i'll get good feedback here given the BMW's huge following.

    What i would like to talk about is what interest there would be in people having a safe place to store there race oriented vehicles during there off-track time.

    I'm sure that some people are fortunate enough to have enough space for storage at home and I'm sure that some probally store at run of the mill Uncle Bob type establishments.

    I am looking into opening a fabrication shop on the NW side of Houston, 1960/Willowbrook area, though off the beaten path about a half a mile or so. My primary buisness admittedly would not be storage, however i will have more space than i need, so i thought it might be a good idea.

    The facility will be gated, full perimeter fencing, barb wire topped. The foundation and parking lot will be all concrete, and there will be additional grass based parking if anyone is looking for somewhere to store there race trailers.

    So far this sounds like Uncle Bobs i realize, but this is where the similaritys stop. I will have indoor secured storage for people who are interested in that, and i do not mean stuffed in a corrugated steel box and left alone. I mean that i have 8 twelve foot bay doors and i only need to operate out of 4 of those. The other 4 bays would be for storing peoples track cars. Inside, under camera and security systems w/ motion.

    If i have enough interest from people in this, i can expand storage to a second facility on the property, also climate controlled, video'd/secured w/ motion, and would be used exclusively for race vehicle storage.

    Outdoor parking spot storage could be arranged for a lesser fee, but the security wouldn't be nearly as tight obviously, thats somthing a cars owner would have to decide for themselves on where they want there time and effort driven vehicle to stay when it's not in use.

    I have kicked the idea around of having a spare lift and a loaner box of tools, letting people who are storing basically have a "storage membership" allowing them to use this spare lift on there stored vehicle on a check in/check out basis. Still working on the pro's and con's of that though.

    Lastly on the differences, is the fact your car is stored at a race fabrication shop, which i would extend a discount percentage on labor to any storage renters. The facility will be outfitted with a Tig welder, Mig welder, various metal forming tooling, corner balancing scale system, race fuels, nitrous oxide, coolants, oils, fittings, hosing, etc... which while a renter wouldn't be able to fiddle with all that stuff, having your car at a facility where you can get the car and the idea done under one roof, with a discount no less, isn't a bad thing at all.

    So what i would like to hear from you, the racing community, is what kind of interest would ya'll have in there being a storage option availible for your race cars that is a step above an Uncle Bob type establishment? What monthly fee would you be willing to pay, to have your vehicle stored in not only a truely secured and survielled establishment, but one where your car can be checked every day by the staff as opposed to it only being checked on when you find time in your busy non-race schedules? What interest would people have if they were able to use a lift as part of there monthtly fee on a check in/check out basis? $200-300 depending on lift/tool access options?

    I am a very blunt person, so i'll summarize it as saying this. I am a racer myself (drag racing being my forte' but never the less, an enthusiast), i know there have been times where my projects have out grown the capacity of storage i had at the time, and i figured this idea would be my way of possibly helping out people who find themselves in that same situation. So i look forward to hearing ya'lls constructive criticism, as this idea is obviously a little rough around the edges, but i feel it can be smoothed into a functional idea with some good feedback.

    I look forward to hearing from ya'll.

    Jeremy Cozad

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