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Holy Crap!

Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by Zdaneman, Jul 9, 2010.

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    Well, I got to take a few phots of the E30s together prior to the 88 being sold. I will miss that car!

    Well, now for the holy crap photo. Sunday night while setting off fireworks, I opened the garage door to find the weed eater off th garage wall and standing up leaning against the 90 E30...the garage queen! Yes, the one with flawless orginial paint and interior. On the first look over, everything seemed good to go and I told myself how lucky I was the car wasn't scratched. Wrong!!!! Monday morning, I looked down the side again and all was well...except when my eyes checked the roof line......I almost dropped to my knees. The right side roof corner had a 50 cent sized dent rght on the break line to the window!!!!
    See photo.

    Called USAA and they are taking care of making it right. Current estimate from the adjustor is $1,375 to repair the dent. He just couldn't believe how great the car looked and kept asking my wife how many coats of wax was on the car?

    Anywho, now I'm looking for recommendations on which shop to take it to in the Washington D.C./ Southern Maryland area? Any suggestions? I want it done right!


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    Sorry about the dent!!! That is awful and I feel your pain. :(

    Considering the original paint, you might want to try a paintless dent repair. They push the metal from the inside and they can do miracles. I was at a Del Val Chapter meeting where a pro came and did about 15 cars at the meet. Some of which were huge and in tough spots caused by golf balls. (See golf and BMWs don't mix, I don't know why BMW would encourage such behavior by making their trunks fit the clubs :D ) It would be a lot cheaper too. You might to at least explore the option, just my 02 cents.
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    I agree. . .

    When I bought the Z4, there were two minor, MINOR dents. . . and the dealer said, "Don't worry!" They called the paintless dent guy, and when I picked up the car, the dents had disappeared! I can't even tell where the damn things were!
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    I swear, looking at the 1st pic, I thought that was MY car! Looks so similar with the euro bumper swap... but...

    It should NOT cost that much to fix it. Call a paintless dent repair person, see what they can do, for a lot less.

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    If you don't mind traveling to Gaithersburg. I suggest Dan Martin Auto service he only works on BMWs and he is apart of or Chapter.http://pages.areaguides.com/danmartinsautoservice/ if nothing else he can point you in the right direction in our area.
    Sry about the dent man it looks amazing:(

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