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Hi from Denmark

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by BrianSJensen, Jun 14, 2016.

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    Hi all

    Totally new member here, but certainly not new to BMW :)

    I have been a member of the Danish BMW club for the last 25 years, and for the last 9 years, I've been President of the club

    In BMW Club Denmark we have approx. 1.000 members, which might seem low, compared to the BMW CCA :), but when having in mind that Denmark counts about 5.7 million citizens, and cars are extremely expensive (150-180% registration tax), we are happy with the amount of members :)

    BMW Club Denmark was founded in 1965, which makes us at bit older than BMW CCA

    Personally I started out in 1989, with a BMW E21 323i, which was quite a fun car, it was replaced by a handfull of E30s through the years. Family came and I upgraded to a couple of E34s

    Today we own a E39 1996 528i Steptronic, a E39 2003 530d Touring Steptronic and a E30 1991 318ia Touring

    What I expect from this membership ? Well, I often visit The States and would like to make it to some of yours events, meet members etc.

    In 2013 I made a "USA Tour 2013" for 18 of our members - we visited the Factory in Spartanburg, had a "M-Day" at the track, and then a trip through Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and South Carolina - visiting Jim Beam, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Chip Ganassi Team, Legend Cars factory and much more

    In 2017 I plan to make yet another Tour, and hope that I can get some inputs through BMW CCA on things to visit, make some arrangements etc.

    That's all for now - have a nice day :)
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    Well, how cool is that - hey Brian welcome to the forums & club here! If you make contact with the chapters of wherever you plan to go, unless it's a very small or inactive chapter, I think you'd find local club members happy to help with suggestions, advice, or whatever! Local chapter websites & their facebook pages are pretty good ways to find what may be going on locally. Depending on whatever you all might want to do or where to go, planning an excursion here that would include part of the O'Fest annual 'CCA week-long get together might be a great way to immerse in part of the state-side 'CCA scene - the national office almost assuredly is working on plans for next year's O'Fest, most members though won't get to hear about the when & where for next year until this year's O'Fest.
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    Hi MGarrison

    Thanks - very helpfull input ! And the O'Fest would be a blast to visit
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    A warm welcome to the club and forums Brian.

    You mentioned that your BMW Club Danmark was small but by population it's a relatively large organization and it sounds like you have some very active members. Getting together 18 members of an excursion across the ocean was no small endeavor. We hope you enjoyed the visit and would indeed like to help with future plans over here. It sounds like you saw some scenic and interesting parts of the American southeast hill country.

    Your current stable of Bimmers is close to the hearts of many members of this club. The E39 was and is Very popular here (my personal favorite) and ... who doesn't love the E30?? (my 2nd favorite)

    Hope to meet up with you some day if you are successful with the USA Tour 2017.
    As Marshall mentioned, O'Fest would make a great part of your tour. Typically ~500-700 attendees (but this year in California there are already over 1,300 registered).
    While the date and locale for next year haven't been announced yet, the event often moves from one coast to the other, followed by a stop in the heartland, then repeat again to the coasts. If that trend holds true for 2017 the gathering might be held toward the Heartland / Midwest. There are a number of terrific venues possible toward the middle of the continent. Time will tell.
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    Welcome to the club and forums! Nice to see some outreach from another BMW loving organization.

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