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Hey guys!

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by fgrand11, Jun 7, 2012.

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    New member here, just saying Hi!

    Have a 87 325is


    Got her last year, did some small work..coilovers, poly bushings, soilid mounts, strut bars, seats, wheel, stg 2 clutch, and lightweight flywheel to name a few.

    Live in Brooklyn NY, more than happy to help anyone out with work if they need it...only require beer and/or pizza lol

    Also working on restoring my 73 Charger (or rather paying for it lol) dont have the tools or the time to do the body work so its being done by an excellent shop in Massachusetts. Heres a thread on that progress if anyone is interested


    I did build the engine myself, dynoed at 400hp and 450 ft/lbs


    But its now taken back apart for upgrades to get her in the 500+ hp/tq range (cam and heads)

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    ah, E30's! :D Welcome to the club!
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    You have helped me before and I am hoping you can help again. I have a 1988 BMW 325 IX. To the upper left of the main fuse panel is another smaller panel. It is covered with a black top. It can hold 4 fuses. What is this? What does It go to? What functions does it perform? What size fuses go in this "gizmo"? It does not afftect the performance of the car but it should do something as the cable that runs from it goes into the main wire harness against the firewall.
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    eblue540 Fourth Gen Bimmers

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    Very impressive Mopar. I have vivid memories from childhood of riding in my Grandfather's '69 Charger. The 318 and three speed auto felt vicious to my inexperienced assometer after riding in our family chariots. First "powerful" car I ever experienced.

    Welcome to the group!
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    I have fond BMW memories of Brooklyn as that's where I picked up my 525iT a couple years back. It's great to see you have vast interest in cars. Can't wait for a future report from you saying you stuffed a Hemi in your E30!
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    Thank for the warm welcome!

    I love Brooklyn, couldnt live anywhere else....well at least from spring-fall, not very fond of winter.

    evo, is there a small cover on it with a metal tab holding the cover on?

    Its an aux fuse box, for adding accessories (alarms...ect) 2 leads one is constant hot the other is switched with the ignition.

    Plans for the e30 when the charger is done is supercharging it, but dropping a new 6.1 hemi in her would be sweet.

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